6 Powerful features of RMM tools (RMM Tool management)

  • Sreekanth UK

  • 06 Apr , 2020

RMM Tool management

6 Powerful features of RMM tools (RMM Tool management)

At Eynetech, we provide dedicated 24 X 7 white label support services to MSPs, IT & telecom providers to manage their RMM solution and thus help them to extend the services they offer to their customers and also to save IT costs.

RMM (Remote monitoring and management) tools are designed to help MSPs, IT service providers, IT Departments, Datacenters remotely and efficiently monitor networks, systems, and client endpoints. It is the key business ingredient software for Managed service providers and IT service suppliers.

1. Can automate any IT process or task.

2. Can solve issues without interrupting your clients\users

3. Able to connect and work on multiple machines simultaneously.

4. Integration with PSA and Ticketing systems.

5. Centralized dashboard for patch, backup, and antivirus management.

6. Real-time health check and performance monitoring.


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