What are the things MSPs should consider while extending help desk services to 24/7?

  • Vineet R.S

  • 03 May , 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • Extending helpdesk services to 24/7 comes with challenges associated with human resources, pricing, backup, and customer demands. MSPs should address these challenges according to their company , team size, assets and needs.
  • When extending helpdesk services to 24/7, considering to partner with a remote help desk support provider or white label partner can improve the success quotient 2x times since they will work under you as an extended team.
  • By collaborating with remote helpdesk service providers, leverage benefits like 24/7 monitoring, robust responsive mechanisms, professional expertise, skilled human resources, and very efficient services. All this comes at a fraction of the cost of setting up a team and necessary technologies.

A flawless MSP should include 24/7 helpdesk to provide 360-degree coverage to all organizational issues. A 24/7 helpdesk is supported by customer support and a query resolution mechanism to give assistance in every step a stakeholder takes. A round-the-clock help desk is a differentiating and winning factor for MSPs to thrive in the competitive landscape. 

A focused help desk service eliminates the need for sending mails to address any problem or issues so it saves both time and effort needed from an organization. There should be clearly projected benefits that the customers will enjoy with your help desk and support service. Identifying this information will help MSPs to design the helpdesk that meets all the demands of its customers in a profit-friendly manner. A 24/7 help desk shouldn’t be an add-on feature but an essential service every MSP should be offering to its clients for complete protection. 

Challenges to Overcome while you extend your 24/7 helpdesk service

From the points we discussed above, we can infer that a round-the-clock helpdesk service by an MSP provider is time and money-consuming. Expanding your services to provide a 24/7 helpdesk service includes a lot of challenges that need both financial and strategic planning to pull off. So while thinking about implementing a 24/7 IT helpdesk service, consider the points mentioned below for a better return on investment. 

1. Human resources

Since 24/7 help desk service requires working overtime or working on shifts to ensure complete coverage, it is inevitable to build a human network that is okay with working on night shifts. Their opinion and interest matter a lot in developing the helpdesk services. MSPs nowadays either go for the remote help desk professional services or on-call roster and in-house practices to provide flexibility to their staff.

If it is an in-house tea, it's always advised to have some senior engineers on board for tackling complex situations. A well-experienced person can have the right knowledge to guide the team and to provide solutions that are promising. However, building this in-house team is a very time and money-consuming procedure. The recruitment and training procedure by itself will take a lot of effort, time, and money.

That’s not all. If the staff is working overtime, it’s essential to provide them monetary benefits for working long hours. They should also be provided with a good work environment for a healthy and efficient workforce. As your helpdesk team is required to be on-call, you should provide the essential requirements such as a laptop, phone, and proper broadband connection for ensuring round-the-clock service without any glitches. 

However, when a remote helpdesk team is hired you don't have to worry about paying for after-work hours as service providers offer dedicated packages for specific requirements. They will work round-the-clock for you as an extended team under your brand guidelines and the technology that you use.

2. Pricing

A 24/7 help desk service requires a lot of effort from the MSP as there are a lot of processes involved in it. Starting with building the team, training, overtime work, and the technology required to develop a helpdesk capability, its money-consuming in nature. 

Now, this issue can be resolved with a remote helpdesk provider and you leverage quality helpdesk services at almost half of the local cost. The team assigned to you will be already skilled and trained in the area, so you can eliminate the initial training and recruitment costs. They will be familiar with the technology and work 24*7 as your extended team for the preferred timeline.

3. Backup 

A technology-enabled capability can create unintended results which seek the need for a backup ready round the clock. When MSPs collaborate with remote helpdesk service providers, they can easily leverage the expertise of standby engineers, ready to tackle any unforeseeable situation. This technical and expertise backup enables seamless processing all throughout the customer service and problem resolving phase. Availability plays a huge role in the cyber world, being available as a technology partner 24/7 smoothens the threat protection realm of every organization. A 24/7 remote helpdesk service provider ensures that a group of technically skilled people and robust technology is always ready for the service round the clock. 

4. Customer demands

There is nothing more important than fulfilling the demands of your customers because happy customers drive business growth. Your client should be happy and satisfied with your service for long-term survival in the market. You should be able to give relevant answers to their inquiries, resolve issues and guide them as per their demands. Therefore, your helpdesk services should have a faster resolution time, offer flawless solutions, be customized according to customer needs at any hour and all this should be done by qualified and expert techs.

Now, setting up an internal team with all these capabilities is going to take a lot of time. The talent search, finding employees who will be ready to work after-hours, the training process, etc. All of them are going to consume not just time, but your money and efforts.

So, the wisest option would be to avail of remote helpdesk services from providers like Eynetech. This way you can select your team for helpdesk services, consider them as an extended team of your organization, and get 24*7 helpdesk services. All this at a fraction of the local cost! No long recruitment nor training processes!

Why should you consider a remote service provider when extending helpdesk service to 24/7?

1. Round the clock monitoring

Providing help desk services can be a challenging task that requires rigorous hard work and reasoning capability. Since it's a round-the-clock service, it's inevitable to ensure that your team isn't overworking. Overworking affects the quality of the work they do, and it also affects their commitment to your organization. 

On the other hand, an IT helpdesk service provider comes with this capability as part of their package. They will be addressing and resolving inquiries at any hour. So, there is no question of overworking your employees. These helpdesk providers follow their own processes and procedures to ensure that work is allocated properly, and services are offered at any preferred hour. Round-the-clock monitoring prevents any network breaches at the earliest and ensures a seamless network across the organization. 

2. Continuous monitoring

A 24/7 remote helpdesk service will monitor the system on a frequent basis to ensure the objective is projected in all the practices while using the help desk service. Continuous monitoring helps organizations to take immediate action if a threat breaches. It also ensures that MSPs are not leaving any loopholes while protecting the organizational network. Breach and other cyber threats may affect networks, servers, apps, and databases in practically every business, therefore continuous monitoring provides a robust solution that can tackle any data breaches. Continuous monitoring of a security environment allows security professionals to instantly rectify vulnerabilities that might be exploited in a cyber assault, making this a very beneficial technique for threat identification.

3. Robust responsive mechanism

When there is a query or a problem from the organization front related to their IT and network ecosystem, they can use the ticketing facility to share the issue with the helpdesk team for a speedy resolution process. It can also help the helpdesk team to track the status of customer problems and take immediate measures to solve their problem. A ticketing system ensures that all the queries and problems are being addressed at the right time because every second counts in the cyber world. A remote help desk service will provide the confidence and trust needed in sharing the network with a third party. 

4. Human expertise

The technical capability and knowledge required for providing help desk capability are huge, so MSPs need to ensure that the staff is knowledgeable and skilled enough to operate the helpdesk service, which is a herculean task. 

However, remote helpdesk service provides the human expertise required to fulfill the demands of any organization. They will have a well-trained expert team ensures complete protection and transparency all throughout the journey for a long-lasting relationship between the client and MSP service provider. 

5. Affordable solutions

Building an in-house IT team is not an economical option and is not a feasible option for small and medium enterprises. A remote helpdesk service provider ensures that its network is protected all the time without incurring much cost. 

As mentioned earlier, recruitment and training procedures can be really time-consuming, and exhausting. Apart from that, you will have to spend a lot of money.

With a remote helpdesk provider, you will have a 24/7 standing team of experts to provide you with any IT helpdesk services at any hour. All at a fraction of the local cost.

A well-established 247 remote helpdesk service can act as a unique selling proposition for an MSP. A customizable helpdesk service addresses industry-specific business needs without disturbing the business ecosystem. Since it ensures a speedy resolution mechanism and  enhances the productivity of your MSP.

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