Why Outsourced Helpdesk for MSP matter?

  • Vineet R.S

  • 08 Aug , 2022

If you are an MSP provider, you cannot expect to shut down your office at 6 pm and walk away home. Your client may face network failure anytime and you are expected to resolve it in the shortest span of time.

In case, the remediation and support do not occur within the expected time span, be prepared to bid adieu to that client. Your competitor with flexible hours will whisk away the client by offering 24*7*365 support. Well, this kind of support is becoming quite the game-changer for MSPs. 

Outsourced helpdesk for MSP helps them achieve client satisfaction and retain customers favorably with 24*7*365 support. 

Read on to find more on how outsourcing help desk services can help you function more efficiently. 

Why Outsourced Helpdesk for MSP matter?

Here, imagine these two scenarios. They can help you understand the importance of outsourcing helpdesk for MSPs. 

Situation 1: After a tiring day at work, you have just gone to bed. At 1 am, you get a notification from one of your biggest clients, complaining of network failure. This client’s business-critical tasks are operational round the clock and a network outage can cost them quite a fortune. The only option left for you is to wake the team and drag them to fix the issues. An ideal night for employees, huh?

Situation 2: You get the same notification at 1 am. Some minutes later, you get another notification from your remote NOC support team that the network outage has been promptly fixed. Your client is happy and retains you as a NOC service provider. You go back to sleep with peace of mind, knowing that your clients are safe in the hands of your remote NOC team. 
Now, compare these two scenarios. You can understand the major benefits of hiring a remote NOC team for managing the network needs of your clients. While you may be dreaming of scaling operations and improving relationships with clients, your remote NOC team can offer after-hours support to clients. 

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What are the benefits of Outsourced Helpdesk Services?

  • Cost-Effective

Did you know that a Whitelabel helpdesk is a cost-effective way to serve clients? The money, effort, and time needed to hire an in-house dedicated team are greater. On the other hand, an outsourced helpdesk costs a fraction of the total cost of hiring an internal team. Now tell us which would your business acumen prefer.

  • Scaling of Operations

Of course, like anyone, you hold dear the dreams to grow and prosper. But, with so many resources dedicated to continuous monitoring and support, do you have the bandwidth to scale operations?

Unlike your regular NOC support team, an outsourced one does not take time-offs. Streamlining helpdesk works to a dedicated remote team is an excellent way to get started with scaling your operations. You can dedicate time and energy to resolve the business challenges and improve core competencies. 

  • Explore new revenue streams

Now that you have unburdened yourself from some of the NOC support functions, you can focus on your core business competencies. Earlier, you had to dedicate your efforts and resources to handling level 1 and level 2 helpdesk services. 

However, outsourced NOC and helpdesk services help you offload some activities and focus on enhancing the team’s technical capabilities. Now, you don’t have to dedicate too many resources to handle NOC services. Relax and chill. Take time to focus on business-critical missions. 

  • Improve customer relationships

According to Action 1 Corp’s. Latest SMB IT Security Needs report, one in four small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking to replace their MSPs due to quality concerns. 

Well, you cannot blame them for that. Quite a lot of backlogged level 1 tasks can leave anyone frustrated with their MSP provider. On the contrary, Whitelabel helpdesk services can help you initiate a quicker response time to inbound customer requests. Imagine the effect of such a faster response on client relationships!

  • Access to customer insights

Customer trends for MSP businesses are hard to predict. Earlier, outsourcing had suffered a bad reputation in the industry. Favorably, customer attitudes have changed and all that they care about is how faster their IT issues can be resolved efficiently and quickly. 

An outsourced helpdesk for MSP helps them close tickets faster and exceed the expectations of clients. Both the quality and quantity of work done increase which further helps you meet the turnaround times better. 

Let’s Scale Dreams Together 

MSPs with a dedicated Whitelabel helpdesk can focus on business-critical aspects of IT infrastructure. From supporting your end users, and troubleshooting to proactive maintenance, an outsourced helpdesk for MSP is truly beneficial in many respects. 

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