What is NOC (Network Operations Center): A Detailed Guide

  • Vineet R.S

  • 14 Jul , 2022

NOC (Network Operations Center) has become reasonably necessary since the routine maintenance of networks has become challenging. It is mainly responsible for maintaining the networks and systems against catastrophic failures and enhancing uptime.

Well, what are the other functions of NOC? What benefits can businesses expect from seeking the services of NOC?

Let’s read on to find more about NOC.

What is NOC (Network Operations Center)?

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a centralised operational centre where the health and performance of networks are constantly monitored. Basically, the purpose of NOC is to offer a preliminary defence system to identify and remediate any network disruptions or attacks.

Now that you have understood the basic purpose of NOC, let’s understand the overall benefits of having NOC. Enterprises with a NOC have full visibility into the components of a network. They can resolve any issues or disruptions quickly. 

These days, NOCs have become an integral component of customer experience. Other than the basic functions of security management and network monitoring, NOCs also assist in help desk ticketing systems, customer support monitoring etc.

Maintaining the performance of a NOC is important due to the possibility of malware attacks, high volume of users and website traffic. Network issues that seem of low priority can impact your productivity and result in downtime. It can further endanger the firm’s ability to meet the expectations and requirements of customers. 

According to a Gartner report, downtime that lasts even one minute can cost a firm $5,600. Realizing the gravity of consequences, firms often rely on MSPs to improve the performance and monitor the functioning of their networks. 

The sheer volume of customers and their dynamic requirements can affect MSPs’ ambitions for scaling operations. This is where the prominence of White Label Partners comes into play.

An expert remote NOC provider can team up with a MSP to complement their technical abilities. Moreover, MSPs can dedicate their time and effort to prioritising clients and scale operations. When the scale of operations increases, MSPs often rely on remote NOC providers to improve the quality of services and cut down operating costs. 

The Functions of a NOC

Now that we have become versed on the premises of NOC, let’s explore further some of the important functions of a NOC. 

Data Backup

Though data storage occurs in networks, it often runs the chance of being corrupted. NOCs offer data backup, where organizations can retrieve vital data in the event of network compromise or corruption. 

Report generation

NOCs help generates timely reports where one can track and monitor the performance and health of networks. Organizations can identify the gaps in the performance of networks and initiate remedial actions to tackle them. 

Security service

The possibility of attacks can threaten the functioning of an organization’s networks. NOC offers security services to manage endpoint threats and undertake corrective measures to reduce the vulnerability of your networks. 

Management and monitoring of firewalls

Organizations can improve their network security infrastructure with NOCs. Firms need not worry about the trouble of managing the security components of their networks. 

Troubleshoot, update and install devices in a network

NOCs help to install, troubleshoot and update devices that are connected within a network. This is helpful for organizations that have to constantly replace and upgrade the hardware components. MSPs dealing with such clients can enlist the services of White Label Partners who can help to mitigate the manual installation, updating and troubleshooting of hardware devices. The same is applicable to software components as well. 

Patch management

Organizations often rely on MSPs to undertake patch management services on their respective network infrastructure. With a remote NOC partner, MSPs need not worry over constant software updates. A White Label partner will track and update the important patches that need to be routinely updated. 

Antivirus support

Though organizations invest in antivirus softwares to minimize the threat of intrusive agents, all antivirus products are not fool-proof against unwanted intrusions. NOC acts as a supportive agent to the networks to reduce the vulnerability of networks

The Benefits of a NOC

The overall goal of any NOC is to ensure uninterrupted uptime and maintenance of network performance as per the expected standards. The real value of a NOC lies in its ability to offer continuous uptime which is important to sustain the various processes of business. Let us delve further into some of the important benefits of a NOC.  

Real-time reporting

Organizations get access to real-time reporting which further improves the scope for network infrastructure solutions. 

Risk Management

When MSPs rely on White Label Partners, they get access to highly skilled and trained technical experts who are versed to handle the varying demands of clients. MSPs can improve their customer experience with highly functional and safe networks. 

Constant Support

NOC offers the possibility of round-the-clock monitoring which helps firms identify and resolve any impairments or outages in a timely manner. The response time of automated monitoring is not favourable when looking for network issues that require immediate redressal.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Maintenance of IT infrastructure is a cost-eliciting business activity. A fully operational NOC helps businesses reduce operating costs by taking over tasks that are usually handled by the IT team.

Incident Response

Remote NOC providers are constantly monitoring the network performance. Therefore, they will immediately respond to any possible threats. 

Less Downtime

24/7 monitoring of NOCs will ensure uptime and reduce the chances of downtime that may be caused by outages.

With digital transformation driving the current trends of the business landscape, it is imperative to have NOCs to prevent negative impacts and initiate workflows for a quick resolution. MSPs have come to understand the grievous consequences of network disruptions. The rising trend of outsourcing NOC services attests to this fact.

With a White Label Partner like Eynetech, MSPs can ensure the functionality, security and stability of the client’s IT infrastructure. Eynetech has helped businesses overcome issues and challenges with remote staffing, NOC, helpdesk and DevOps service. 

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