NOC & Service Desk Solution

  • MSP from Tampa, USA


The customer was looking out for a 24/7 NOC support services provider who has expertise in the RMM tool “ConnectWise Automate” to manage their IT assets. They were also facing challenges to monitor and manage mission-critical backups for their Financial sector customers after Business hours. Another problem that cornered them was the handling of the high volume of tickets.

Technologies & Tools

  • RMM: ConnectWise Automate
  • RMM: Solarwinds MSP
  • Backup: Veeam
  • Ticketing: ConnectWise Manage
  • Password Management: Solarwinds Passportal

Our Solution

Eynetech NOC POD was assigned to monitor and manage customer servers & networks 24/7. 2 Full-time Dedicated Techs were working exclusively for the Business and after-hours coverage to counter the initial problem. Together the team was able to manage 600 servers, 3000 desktops, and ~600 service desk tickets per month to turn his operational concern into excellence.

Business Impact

  • Through Eynetech solution, the customer was able to optimize their cost up to 60%.
  • Onsite Engineers were able to concentrate more on Customer support than dealing with routine health and backup alerts.
  • Achieved complex Backup integrity checks demanded by MSPs’ customers.

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