NOC Monitoring and Escalation only service

  • SaaS company from New York, USA


The customer was looking for a NOC partner who can monitor their application & Infra which is hosted on 400+ Linux servers. They were looking for 24/7 monitoring and follow prescribed escalation metrics for the genuine critical issues to their onsite team.

Technologies & Tools

  • Monitoring: Nagios
  • Ticketing: Jira Service Desk

Our Solution

Eynetech proposed a shared NOC model to the customer in which we gave them a POD consisting of 12 NOC engineers not dedicated but shared. Through our solution, we enabled the customer to focus more on solving the issue than monitoring it. Our POD monitored the issues consistently 24/7 and followed prescribed escalation metrics to flag the priority issue to the onsite team to get it resolved.

Business Impact

  • We were able to create a command center for the client so that they should be aware of the types of issues coming their way.
  • Productivity level increased for the client as they focused more on priority issues as Eynetech’s L2 & L3 engineers took care of other routine tasks on the client's behalf
  • Eynetech’s solution helped the client to achieve a quicker turnaround on addressing the issue

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