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Let yours be a small business or an enterprise business, but for your client, their network and IT infrastructure play the backbone of the whole operations. Its utmost care is vital for the overall growth and success. Here is where Eynetech plays its role as a white label support company.

Our expert techs act as an extension to your squad and will deliver the project on time to your client even if your team is flat out. Your client won’t identify any difference as we are a part of your IT project delivery team and we can work in the project throughout all stages. Hence you can stay at the top of your competitive marketplace.

Our Certified system and network engineers will work for you to complete any task related to server or network projects such as Deployments, Upgrade or Migrations. We are specialists in Windows servers, Office 365, Azure and Network gears.

We are flexible with pricing and you can choose hourly or fixed pay, at your convenience. Get in touch with us to get a custom quote for your project. Having a strategic partnership with us will improve your business bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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