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We help Technology Success partners to execute IT projects starting from scoping stage to the final hand-over phase. We will submit a detailed SOW (Scope of Work) document for each project, which explains pre requires, project phases, estimate timeline, downtime requirements, etc and this help our MSP or TSP clients while bidding or submitting the proposal to their customer.

  • End to End execution
  • 24.7 availability
  • On-time delivery of projects
  • Team of Level 3 & L4 techs.
  • Cost-effective
  • Best practice implementation

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Eynetech helps MSPs to overcome specific challenges through a dedicated project-led model. In this, MSP customers can request a solution for a particular need/challenge such as cloud migration or the deployment of new hardware, and our SME’s will work on those needs and get it solved as per scope.

We work with our MSP partners to plan, design, implement and support their business requirements by allowing them to tap into our diverse range of skills set to plug expertise and resource gaps and deliver the project successfully.

Our SMEs collaborate with MSPs on a need basis which allows them to have the flexibility based on the scope of the project by creating the benefit of having a low cost, immediate resolution of issues & not having the headache of carrying a team for too long.

Our IT Project Skills

Azure and Office 365


On-Prem Server & Network

Mobile Device Management

Cloud Security

Network Security


As a white label partner for MSPs, we understand that MSPs has a tremendous value expectation when they engage with us and we deliver those value

  • Cost-benefit
  • No Extra Overhead To Carry
  • Faster Turnaround time
  • The pool of Subject matter experts

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