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Eynetech provides SOC for small and medium Managed Service Providers to efficiently detect and contain any security incident or breach. Our solutions help in building a comprehensive yet cost-effective security operations center cyber-security team by proactively identifying vulnerabilities and threats by broadening your security services and serving as a 24/7 white label partner service.

We support MSPs and MSSPs to maintain the health of their security services by taking the burden out of the in-house teams.

  • 24*7 Real Time Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • SIEM Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Security Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Meeting Compliance Requirement

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Granular level visibility of network activities is essential with the growing targeted security threats that organizations are currently facing. The security threats are becoming malicious and targeted over time. Small and Medium sized organizations face several in-house challenges such as lack of talented resources, support coverage and an increased operational cost. Maintaining a 24/7 team involves cost and administrative imbalance to emerging business. Access to MSP for day-to-day infrastructure and service desk to protect the organizations from emerging threats by staying at the top of the game is crucial.

With a robust Security Operations Center as the Eynetech SOC team, an MSP can efficiently contain the security breaches. A skilled team that works around-the-clock to provide white-label services, prevents, detects, analyzes and fixes cyber security threats.


Our goal is to assist MSP protecting and their client’s security systems against vulnerabilities by handling your daily security operations by managed SOC or by providing SOC as a service. We perform threat management, threat modeling, and build new processes to help develop new security-enhancing projects. We carry out report creation, dashboards, and metrics required to measure the performance of SOC operations, communicate and focus on remediation activities. We offer two Service Models:

Soc as a Staffing

With SOC staffing you get dedicated full time resources trained and certified to work as an extension of your on-site team. It will help reduce your operational cost by half with the help of a well orchestrated hierarchy.

Soc as a Service (Managed SOC)

Our SOC solution offers MSP a 360 degree, end-to-end SOC services to protect your client data & infrastructure. We liberate MSPs from making any upfront investment in Technology, Processes, or Resources but provide the trio in a cost-effective manner. We use some of the best SIEM solutions like AT&T, Azure Sentinel, and ELK to monitor, detect and respond to threats.


SOC as Staffing
  • Reduced Operational costs and increased efficiency
  • Quick, Transparent, and Secure
  • Reduce the Talent Shortage Gap and act as an extended team to the in-house team
  • Grow your business without additional headcount
  • Scale up and scale down your resource need easily
SOC as a Service
  • Quick threat detection and remediation
  • No upfront investments on pricey SIEM solution
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your clients by infrastructure
  • Highly skilled SMEs
  • Comprehensive, yet cost effective end to end SOC Solution

What Makes Us Stand out?

  • No upfront investment or Expensive SIEM Solutions
  • Highly trained & certified security experts in your budget
  • Higher returns with Zero investment for technology for MSP
  • An extended team that works as your own
  • Technological Diversity
  • 24/7 security analyst monitoring for the client organization
  • Guarded with ISO 27001-2013, HIPAA*, GDPR and security enabled infrastructure & resources
*HIPAA/HITECH regulated clients via Business Associate Agreement

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