Helping MSPs and MSSPs with Security Operation Center services by providing a 24.7.365 team to monitor and detect threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches. We leverage your cybersecurity tool and help you to enhance the service offerings by qualified techs.

  • Endpoint security
  • Network security
  • Azure & Office 365 security
  • SIEM tool monitoring
  • AD & event log monitoring
  • Intrusion monitoring

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Small and Medium businesses now became the primary victim of advanced cyberattacks. As these businesses turn to Managed Service Providers to manage their service desk and IT infrastructure, Cybersecurity is a must-have pillar for MSPs to run their business.

Implementing Cybersecurity solutions involves three elements, People, Process, and Technology. While Process and Technology are very crucial parts, not having the right People leaves room for detrimental error and inefficiencies. Building a cybersecurity SOC team involves huge upfront costs especially to deploy 24.7.365 resources.


At Eynetech, we help our MSP and MSSP customers to build a solid Cybersecurity team by providing our experience and talented resources. Our team has good experience in AD & Endpoint log monitoring, Nextgen AV- EDR monitoring, Email security monitoring, and Microsoft 365 security services. We expertise in leading Small business SOC tools like Solarwinds, Manage Engine, Azure sentinel & security center, Fortinet, and Elastic.

LOG Monitoring

NGAV & EDR Management

Cloud Security Monitoring

SIEM Correlation

Vulnerability assessment

Incident Response


As a white label partner for MSPs, we understand that MSPs has a tremendous value expectation when they engage with us and we deliver those value.

  • You grow your business without adding extra headcount
  • Reducing operational costs and increase in efficiency
  • Quick Turnaround time From Requirement To Onboard
  • Highly transparent and secure

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